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“Being part of this journey is exciting.”

09 May 2018

Robotization using innovative automation techniques – that is what the latest development project at Bonnier Solutions’ Payroll department is all about.

Imagine doing away with simple, repetitive tasks and getting more time and energy to develop areas that matter. This is the aim of the robotization project, launched this winter at Bonnier Solutions’ Payroll department.
“Our staff can focus on more supportive and qualitative work, instead of performing routine tasks that a robotized process can take care of”, says Malin Lindqvist, Head of Payroll & Benefits.

Harald Mild, Malin Lindqvist

Simply put, large parts of the payroll work that Bonnier Solutions offers its customers can be automated with the help of robotization. The first part of the process has been changing the way we think about, and handle, manual and repetitive tasks, as well as finding parts of the process that can be given to a robot.

“We have started with the tasks involved when a new employee enters the system. The next area we’re looking at is monthly pay, to see which parts can be robotized”, says Harald Mild, salary specialist at Bonnier Solutions.

He points out that so far this is a trial database and that the processes are not yet ready to be launched. However, this will hopefully happen in the not too distant future.

The robot itself consists of a customised programme, which to the human eye gives the impression of someone controlling a mouse on the screen, without this being the case. 

To us, it’ll be nice to reduce the amount of clicking we do. We can then concentrate more on our customers, become better consultants and use are heads to solve problems. Being part of this journey is exciting, says Mild.

The project is being implemented with the help of New Innovation, an innovation agency that works exclusively with automation and innovation technologies. “Much of today’s global robotization has just started in areas such as finance, payroll and HR. Bonnier Solutions has taken another step on its digitization journey”, says Sebastian Toro, co-founder and partner at New Innovation.

What’s the next step for Bonnier Solutions?
“A natural next step is the chatbot technology, which allows you to communicate, in writing or verbally, with a robot, and get an answer to your question”, Toro explains.

He takes the example of an employee handbook, which most companies with a few members of staff has. You may want to know about your collective agreement and could spend a long time going through the handbook to find the right information. But the chatbot technology will allow you to ask the question on the intranet and get an immediate reply. “It will be like a simple help desk.”

What will it be like, when everything that can be automated is robotized?
“The quality and reliability of processes will be increased. With the help of programming, there won’t be any missed steps. It’s great that Bonnier Solutions wants to go ahead at full speed, with a long-term agenda.

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