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Help with Change at SF Studios

09 May 2018

When SF Studios temporarily needed to strengthen its HR services, it enlisted the help of Oskar Forsberg, consultant at Bonnier Solutions. "We have driven the change process together", says Kristina Linglöf, manager of HR & Operations at SF Studios.

Oskar Forsberg, a 29-year-old human resources specialist, has for a number of years had various positions within HR. In 2017, he became one of 70 employees at Bonnier Solutions, the Bonnier Group’s specialists in finance, HR and payroll management.

What attracted him to Bonnier Solutions was the opportunity to work in a service centre. “I think the insight into many different companies is interesting. Added to that is the excitement of the media industry”, says Forsberg.

For almost 10 months, SF Studios has hired him as a consultant, on a 60 percent contract. The assignment will last until the end of May.

Thorough review
Svensk Filmindustri was founded in 1919. In 2016, the name changed to SF Studios. The company produces films and television series, distributes to the Nordic and international markets, purchases rights as well as offers the digital services SF Anytime and SF Kids Play. Of the 150 employees in five different countries, 100 are based in Sweden.

Kristina Linglöf is in charge of HR & Operations, which includes all the support functions except finance. She started in August 2016, when she initiated a thorough review of the company’s business and needs. The result formed the basis of the development plan. “Our focus was the company’s organisation, culture, leadership and HR processes. There were many areas that needed attention”, Linglöf explains.

Early in the summer of 2017, one person left the HR department and as the process of change was already underway, it seemed the wrong time to recruit. “I didn’t want to replace them straight away without taking the time to think about necessary profile and skills. At the same time, we were in great need of support. We contacted Bonnier Solutions and were given the chance to hire Oskar on a part-time basis, which was great.”

The advantage of using a service centre within the Group, Kristina says, is that the consultant already knows the systems and working methods. “Oskar was on the ball after just a couple of days.”

Forsberg describes it as “full on, right from the start” and agrees that he quickly got into what needed doing. “I have worked with a wide range of HR and change issues. The focus has been payroll processes. Other areas have included contract handling, work environment and establishing an induction programme for new employees. I have also assisted in adapting to GDPR, the new data protection regulation.”

After deciding what she was looking for, Linglöf could take her time over the HR recruitment. The new employee has arrived and Forsberg will stay until the end of May, to hand over but also to complete the projects for which he has been responsible.

Explain the benefits of using a consultant from Bonnier Solutions.
“You get as much or as little support as you need, great flexibility and you are usually helped quickly. The fact that the consultant is already familiar with working methods, systems and contacts goes a long way. Everything becomes easier and more efficient”, says Linglöf.

What should you consider when hiring a consultant?
“As a customer, you have to be clear about what you need. Initially, you have to give the person enough time to get into the business and the assignment” Linglöf says.

“It is important to leave no room for doubt so that the consultant understands what is expected and what is to be prioritised”, Forsberg adds.


Lessons from the assignment

Kristina Linglöf, SF Studios:
“I have learned more about how Bonnier Solutions works and I have also seen how the companies can work more efficiently together.”

Oskar Forsberg, Bonnier Solutions:
“At SF Studios, I have gained insight into strategic HR work and I’ve also made many new connections.”

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